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CBC ELEMENT Short Track Speed Skating Boot

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Skate-Tec Nagano Short Track Speed Skating Blade

Skate-Tec Nagano

Short Track Blade
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CBC ELEMENT Short Track Speed Skating Boot
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*Please note, this item is available for shipment from USA only. International shipments are subject to your country's applicable taxes and import duties.*

Pair the Skate-Tec Nagano with either the CBC ELEMENT or GENESIS boot for an exceptional package.

The lead time on special order blades is approximately 5-8 weeks. 

Sensation reminiscent of Maple Gold Blades, but with a runner and pre-bend found on the M-Wave, Argon and Quarq models, which means exceptional glide and consistent pre-bend. Ideal for lighter skaters.

Please note that blades come pre-bent, but not rockered. CBC offers blade rockering services. Please add this product to your cart if you would like this service.

Product Specifications

  • 7000 Aluminum anodized tube
  • Pillar hight - 36mm
  • Tube hight middle - 24mm
  • 1.1 mm thick, 62HRC Bi-Metal or PM upon request
  • 62HRC BiMetal maintains excellent edge quality and sharpness
  • Pre-bent
  • Stiffness - Medium
  • Innovative cup system provides strong mounting interface for simple and efficient set-up/adjustment
  • Length - 15.5'' to 18''


The Genesis short and long track boots feature 100% thermo-CSC, resulting in a molding outcome that is a near custom fit. It is designed to perform for both sprint and long-distance efforts.