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Skate-Tec Backpack

Skate-Tec Backpack

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*Please note, this item is available for shipment from USA only. International shipments are subject to your country's applicable taxes and import duties.*

Skate-Tec brand backpack designed specifically for ice speedskating with the following features:

  • Large main compartment for storing ice speed skates, offering protection for blades
  • Large exterior front pocket for storing your skinsuit and protective gear
  • Stowable mesh piece that pulls out of a pocket and secures your helmet into place on the outside of the bag
  • Dual mesh side pockets deep enough for tall water bottles and perfect for carrying sharpening stones
  • Adjustable hip straps with two storage pockets for keys, phone, burr stones, etc.
  • Adjustable chest strap
  • Main compartment inner sleeve for laptop/tablet storage behind skates
  • Durable top handle for carrying
  • Rigid glasses pocket
  • Rigid (yet soft) back support which holds the shape of the bag, with breathable vented padding.
A great, lightweight backpack with ample carrying capacity for all of your skating needs! 


The Genesis short and long track boots feature 100% thermo-CSC, resulting in a molding outcome that is a near custom fit. It is designed to perform for both sprint and long-distance efforts.