CBC Short Track Custom


CBC custom boots are made via 3D scans. Scans are performed either in Heerenveen, The Netherlands or Winnipeg, Canada. 

Please email sales@carpenterbootcompany.com to schedule a scanning appointment before placing an order.

In many high-performance sports, the shoe is the connection to the playing field for the creation of speed and power. Lightweight yet strong tools are required to achieve performance gains. CBC currently builds the lightest, sturdiest and best fitting boot available on the custom market today. Quality and intense focus on detail are two of our best selling points. 

CBC has been in the custom boot manufacturing game for 10 years. We have been, and still are, in a state of continuous improvement. Our goal is to deliver a high-performance sports tool that goes above and beyond our clients' expectations. CBC CUSTOM Short Track (ST) boots have combined advanced laminating techniques with orthopedic grade materials to create a tool that has been instrumental in the medal winning performances of many of the world's best short track speed skaters. 

Our signature foam bar coupled with our "fat" mounting blocks minimize tension and torque on the blade during high-force skating efforts. All mounting hardware is milled from aircraft grade aluminium block and offered with 4 x M6 threaded holes for maximum adjustability. Skaters have the option to increase blade fastening force and friction with a dual bolting method (two bolts per cup).   

The top boot cut of our ST models supports flexion and extension of the ankle for optimal pushing and finishing efforts. If you can't shoot the line in short track, then you are not prepared to move on to the next round.   

Dual Laminate Construction

CBC purchases carbon fiber directly from an American weaver that holds a certificate of conformance. Our 3K fabric is first quality rated with a 199 GSM weight. CBC footwear is built on the foundation of a dual composite unibody design infused with high-impact epoxy resin produced by an industry leader with more than 30 years of experience.

Core Construction

Clients may choose to have sandwich technology infused into their carbon work. Core materials increase structural strength which can reduce overall weight of the CBC unibody support shell. Additional strength will change the feel of the boot. Therefore, the use of core materials are at the discretion of the client.

Mounting Hardware

Our “in-boot” exposed mounting hardware is CNC milled from aircraft grade aluminum block. It is designed in a fashion such that our clients may individualize the location of their equipment setting. CBC Short Track boots are built on a robust 4-hole 11 mm thick mounting block. Every boot is tuned to assure a 10 mm height offset from heel to toe in a manner to derail blade torsion.

Materials Specifications

  • Aircraft grade aluminium mounting blocks
  • Synthetic PU upper
  • Calf leather inner lining
  • Velcro brand fastening system
  • Herring bone weave nylon strapping​
  • Orthopedic grade EVA 
  • Thermoplastic tongue
  • 199 GSM carbon fiber
  • High impact export resin system
  • 5 mm foam core