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CBC ELEMENT Short Track Speed Skating Boot

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SALE Items

Collection: SALE Items

Out with the old and in with the new! Take advantage of our need for more space with the models and sizes shown here available on clearance. 

If considering a purchase from this page, please read the following conditions to the sale: 

-SOME CLEARANCE INVENTORY IS STOCKED IN THE USA AND SOME IN THE NETHERLANDS. SHIPMENTS MAY BE SUBJECT TO IMPORT TAXES AND DUTIES UPON RECEIPT. If you would like to find out where the item of interest would ship from before purchasing to determine potential tax liability, please email

-Only the sizes/models shown on this page are on clearance. If you do not see your size listed here, it is not on sale. 

-Exchanges allowed where clearance inventory is available. No even exchanges for models/sizes outside of the clearance page. All shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer. All shipping costs are non-refundable. 


Sorry, there are no products in this collection