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CBC ELEMENT Short Track Speed Skating Boot

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Frequently Asked Questions


General Questions

Why should I select CBC boots over other brands?

There are so many reasons! Here are a few:

1. Fit - “CBC’s World’s Best Fitting Last.” CBC’s stock boots are built on proprietary lasts developed by Kip Carpenter. Our lasts were created based on data gathered from over 10 years worth of custom speed skate scans. In addition to providing the best average fit, our lasts account for some of the most commonly seen issues in speedskaters’ feet. For example, over his years of scanning, Kip observed that many skaters have a pronounced navicular bone. We are the only brand that offers extra space in our stock boots for the navicular bone.

2. Function - Over 10 years of research and development went into the creation of CBC’s disruptive boot technology. We scoured the globe for the highest quality, brand-name materials available and have drawn on the expertise of leading professionals in the orthopedic and aerospace industries. When you select CBC boots, you are selecting a high performance, high quality, durable product developed by technical experts with more than 30 years of competitive skating experience. Our stock boots are produced using the same cutting-edge build design as our elite custom boots.

3. Industry Knowledge - Our product developer and company founder Kip Carpenter is an Olympic medalist, former U.S. Olympic coach and U.S. Speedskating Hall of Fame member. In addition to founding and running Carpenter Boot Company, Kip is currently the equipment manager for the KNSB Dutch National Short Track Speed Skating Team. Kip is arguably one of the world’s leading experts in speed skating equipment technology. Kip’s brother and CBC co-owner Cory Carpenter is also an Olympic speed skater and former club coach. Based on past and present experience, no speed skating equipment manufacturer is better tapped into the needs of today’s top skaters.

4. Family - CBC is a small family-owned brand founded by skaters for skaters. When you join the CBC Tribe, you join our skating family. As a member of The Tribe, you have access to a wealth of knowledge gathered over decades of experience in the elite skating and coaching communities. Questions about what types of equipment are right for you? Questions about skating in general? Hit us up with anything. We’re happy to share our expertise with you.

5. Customer Service - When you work with us, you are working with a company owner. We are passionate in our commitment to our customers. We’re grateful for the opportunity to help you achieve your skating goals.

How do I take care of my boots?

CBC boots are built from high grade materials that are able to get wet, however, you must let them air out and dry after use. Do not over tighten bolts, as this may cause the exposed mounting plate threads to strip.

Can I provide my own plaster mold for the production of a CBC custom boot?

Unfortunately, no. CBC’s custom boots are made via 3D scans of the foot. We do not use plaster. This ensures a far more accurate high performance product. Please email to learn more about custom scanning opportunities.

I am interested in becoming a CBC dealer in my country. What should I do?

We are always looking for new qualified dealers. Please send your inquiry to

Our Products

What is the difference between the Onyx, Element and Genesis?

The Onyx, Element and Genesis are all built on “CBC’s World’s Best Fitting Last,” meaning fit is the same, however materials vary by model.

The newest product to our line-up, the Onyx short track boot offers the fit and finish of our higher impact models at an affordable price point. These boots are designed to be "your first rides," - perfect for beginners, growing kids and recreational skaters. This lightweight, sleek boot is built on our wide last, providing a comfort fit for its user.

While we initially called the Element our entry level boot, it was clear from the beginning that clients were experiencing the construction, quality and fit of a mid-level product, and since its release we've seen it used worldwide as such. The Element is built from a duel-composite uni-body support shell made of both carbon and fiberglass with 50% thermo-CSC, a heat activated molding medium. Performance, fit and finish are unparalleled for this price point. Standard and wide models available. 

Our intermediate to advanced level stock boot, the semi-custom Genesis, uses all the same materials and build techniques as our elite custom boots. It has a genuine leather inner (vs. microfiber), a 100% full carbon shell (vs. duel composite) and 100% thermo-CSC construction (vs. 50%), making it fully heat moldable for a near-custom fit. Genesis models also have robust exposed aluminum mounting blocks made square on a jig. Exposed mounting blocks translate to better cup contact. Our 11-meter threads are deeper than industry standard, ensuring blades don’t come loose. Finally, Genesis boots feature a torsion bar (unique to CBC) which prevents boots from flexing the wrong way. We consider this innovative product to be simply the best short and long track stock boot on the market today. Standard and wide models available. 

What does “semi-custom” mean?

Our semi-custom Genesis models are 100% heat moldable (yes, every part of the boot is moldable), resulting in a custom experience at a stock price. If the boots do not already fit perfectly out of the box, heat molding will take care of any issues. The Genesis was designed to bridge the gap between stock and custom.

Why does CBC only carry the Skate-Tec and Evo lines of blades?

CBC is the exclusive distributor of the Skate-Tec and Evo lines of blades in the United States, and as such, we do not represent other brands at this time. CBC chose to partner with Skate-Tec/Evo because we feel they have the best product on the market.

Is Evo still in business?

Yes. When the founder of EHS left Evo to start his own company, many believed Evo had gone out of business. This is not true. Evo, a pioneer in ice speed skating technology, is still producing the world's leading blades under the direction of Maple, Evo and Skate-Tec founder Johan Bennink.

Learn more about the history behind these brands here.

Boot Sizing

How do I know my CBC size?

Your CBC size may not be the same as your size in other brands. Please see our Boot Sizing Guide. If you are unsure about your size, or if you have specific concerns, please send an email to with your measurements, and we will make a recommendation. Photos of feet are also very helpful!

My new boots feel really tight. Are you sure I have the correct size? 

CBC's boots are high performance tools designed to meet the needs of today's top level skaters. Our boots intentionally reduce the natural width of the foot, causing the forefoot to feel "bound." This feeling may be foreign to new skaters, but it is an essential component of our proprietary design, as this fit ensures a better feel for the ice, which translates to better skating. 

I am having difficulty getting my foot into my new boot - what do you suggest?

Until broken in, your new high performance boots may feel stiff and tight. If you are having difficulty getting your foot into the boot initially, start by ensuring the laces are completely loosened. Next, try wearing a nylon sock to help slip your foot into the boot (in general, if you are skating with socks, we recommend using nylon vs. cotton). If the nylon sock isn’t working, try putting a thin plastic grocery bag over your foot to slide into the boot. After all, it's a bit more difficult to get into a Lamborghini than a mid-sized SUV, isn't it? :)

Your calculator tells me I need a wide boot for short track, but I have never needed a wide boot or shoe before. Are you sure I need a wide?

CBC's boots are high performance tools designed to meet the needs of today's top level skaters. Our boots are narrower than competing brands by design. Why? Because narrower boots allow for more space in the lean in the corners; i.e. less chance of contact with the ice. We offer a "wide" version of our boot to accommodate those who require the extra space. 

What is the difference between the standard and wide models for short track?

Our wide boot is approximately 5 mm wider in the toe-box than the standard. The arch on the wide boot is lower as well.

Why is there not a wide version in the long track boot?

Our long track boot was designed to accommodate all widths.

Your sizing calculator is telling me “Please contact us about a custom fit boot.” Do I really need a custom boot?

Possibly! If you are receiving this response from our sizing calculator, it means one or more of your measurements is falling outside the acceptable thresholds for our lasts. However in some cases, heat molding will offer the solution needed. Please contact with your exact measurements, and we will advise you as to whether or not a stock boot may still be an option for you.

My kid’s feet are growing. Can I order a size up for him/her to grow into?

Many parents will buy skates a size bigger so their kids will grow into them. We’re parents - we get it! However, we do advise against this for the following reasons:

1. Boots will not perform properly.

2. When boots are too big it’s harder for young skaters to learn to “feel” the ice since foot boot contact isn’t consistent.

3. A longer boot results in a wider ankle area. When purchasing boots that are too long, skaters will not get the ankle support required to experience the supportive ankle structure of the boot.

4. Foot micro movements make boots harder to trust.

5. Blisters! Pain :(

6. Slower technical development.

Our recommendation is to buy boots that fit today or wait until the beginning of the season and buy skates that fit then. The result will be faster development in the sport and more fun.

How do I heat mold my boots?

Please see our CBC User Manual. Please note heat molding will not create more space, it will only change the form, as carbon does not stretch. Boots may be heat molded more than once, however over time continual heat molding will weaken the support of the boot.

Can I get extra width from heat molding my boot?

Yes, you can expect to get an additional 8 mm of width from heat molding on both the Element and Genesis models.

Taxes, Shipping & Returns

How soon will my products ship?

Our team processes orders Monday through Friday. Please allow 2 business days for processing prior to shipment. Kindly note that we use our best efforts to ship orders as soon as possible, but shipping times are estimates only and are subject to external factors and unforeseen delays. Additionally, please note that all couriers are currently stating that deliveries may still be delayed due to Covid.

If we do not have a product in stock at the time of purchase there will be a shipping delay. If we are unable to receive a product within a week of your order, we will contact you about how to proceed.

Where will my products ship from?

CBC maintains stock in The United States and The Netherlands. Where your item ships from depends on what the item is and where it is stocked, which varies by product. When you purchase a product you will be provided with a shipping confirmation and a tracking number.

Are taxes included in your prices?

Our prices do not include taxes. If you live in the European Union or the United States, taxes will be collected at check-out where applicable. If you live outside of the EU or USA, taxes and duties may be charged in-country upon receipt of your order. Wherein import tax and duties are charged on a shipment, please note that it is the sole responsibility of the customer to pay those taxes and duties and handle all aspects of importation. CBC does not assist with tax and duty payment or with coordinating with the customs department in the destination country.

What is your return policy?

Please see our return policy here.

In the case of boot exchanges, you are responsible for the cost of shipping to send the return pair back and CBC will cover the cost to send the first exchange. If you are unsure about your size, please contact and we will advise you.