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CBC ELEMENT Short Track Speed Skating Boot

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Boot Model Overview

"Anything But Standard" ...Our Disruptive Footwear Lineup

CBC offers boots that are anything but standard. Product offerings include our stock boot, the ELEMENT; semi-custom boot, the GENESIS; and CBC CUSTOM.

Novice skaters will find themselves most comfortable entering the stock boot market with the CBC ELEMENT. Advanced recreational skaters and pre-Olympic level skaters will have their needs met with the semi-custom CBC GENESIS. Skaters who are inclined to perform internationally, as well as those with more challenging performance goals, will find our CBC CUSTOM to be the perfect fit. 

What is the difference between the ELEMENT and GENESIS?

Both the Element and Genesis are built on “CBC’s World’s Best Fitting Last,” meaning fit is the same, however materials vary by model.

While we call the Element our entry level boot, clients will actually experience the construction, quality and fit of a mid-level product. The Element is built from a duel-composite uni-body support shell made of both carbon and fiberglass with 50% thermo-CSC, a heat activated molding medium. Performance, fit and finish are unparalleled for this price point.

Our intermediate to advanced level stock boot, the semi-custom Genesis, uses all the same materials and build techniques as our custom boots. It has a genuine leather inner (vs. microfiber), a 100% full carbon shell (vs. duel composite) and 100% thermo-CSC construction (vs. 50%), making it fully heat moldable for a near-custom fit. Genesis models also have robust exposed aluminum mounting blocks made square on a jig. Exposed mounting blocks translate to better cup contact. Our 11-meter threads are deeper than industry standard, ensuring blades don’t come loose. Finally, Genesis boots feature a torsion bar (unique to CBC) which prevents boots from flexing the wrong way. We consider this innovative product to be simply the best short and long track stock boot on the market today.