"Anything But Standard" ...Our Disruptive Footwear Lineup

CBC offers boots that are anything but standard. Product offerings include our stock boot, the ELEMENT; semi-custom boot, the GENESIS; and CBC CUSTOM.

Novice skaters will find themselves most comfortable entering the stock boot market with the CBC ELEMENT. Advanced recreational skaters and pre-Olympic level skaters will have their needs met with the semi-custom CBC GENESIS. Skaters who are inclined to perform internationally, as well as those with more challenging performance goals, will find our CBC CUSTOM to be the perfect fit.

The ELEMENT and GENESIS are produced with CBC's World’s Best Fitting Last. This means both models offer the same fit. However, they do not perform the same, as our product level steps are materials and performance driven. Boots advance from entry (ELEMENT) to mid-range (GENESIS) to top level (CBC CUSTOM) primarily based on boot stiffness, material quality and craftsmanship.


What is the difference between the ELEMENT and GENESIS?

The ELEMENT Short Track and Long Track Boot

Enter the sports of short track and Long Track speedskating with the most comprehensive beginner boot available on the market today. While we suggest that this is an entry level boot, clients will experience the construction, quality and fit of a mid-level product. At the heart of the dual composite support counter is our innovative Thermo-CSC, a heat activated molding medium. Through appropriate fit customization techniques, users will experience a pain-free supportive skating tool that will fast-track progression in the sport while offering an enjoyable skating experience.

The GENESIS Short Track Boot

The GENESIS Short Track boot is a game-changing high-performance tool designed to bridge the gap between standard and custom footwear. This product is constructed with the same materials as our custom boot, which we have selectively sourced from around the world. Every stitch on this boot has been executed with care and as such, its appearance is far from a production product. Because the GENESIS is 100% heat moldable, users will experience a near custom fit through appropriate heat molding techniques. We consider this innovative product to be simply the best stock boot for short track speed skating today.

The GENESIS Long Track Boot

The GENESIS long track boot features 100% Thermo-CSC, resulting in a molding outcome that is a near custom fit. It is designed to perform for both sprint and long-distance efforts. The GENESIS long track boot is constructed to support flexion in the metatarsal or forefoot area of the boot while offering rigidity and support in the ankle. The rigid support in the ankle assures minimal ankle "break." This promotes more verticle power and pressure into the ice during cornering maneuvers.