Anouk Kuiper -  Senior Active Manager, KNSB, Netherlands

"The Royal Dutch Skating Association ordered 35 pairs of shorttrack skates for clinic use. With an excellent advice on type of skates and quick service we are happy we can now give a great shorttrack experience to our main sponsors."

Luke Russell - President, Olympic Southern Flyers, Victoria, Australia

"Our club needed to update its old club boots and wanted a great quality boot, that would last many years and stand up to the rigours of Learn to skate and new skaters starting with our club. We contacted Adam, the CBC dealer in Australia and decided on the Element boot and blade package and I’m happy to say that they are a fantastic quality package, built to last and budget friendly. Do your club a favour and invest in CBC boots for your new skaters and you won’t look back."

Einar Agdestein - Coach for Oslo Short Track Skating Club and the Norwegian long Track Development Team, Norway

"After using CBC custom long track boots for my last few years as an athlete it is great to see the impact the CBC Genesis boots have on the athletes I’m currently coaching. Their stability in their ankles have improved significantly with CBC. We just ordered more pairs for more skaters and we are excited to see the laptimes improve this winter." 

Jon Derheimer - VP Full Throttle Speedskating Team, USA

“As a general contractor, I believe in always using the right tools for the job.  As a father of two competitive speed skaters, I am comforted in knowing that my kid’s CBC boots and blades are the right tools. We are a proud CBC family.”

Scott Kiel-Chisholm - Happy Customer, Australia

"I’m an Australian Masters short track speed skater who purchased a pair of CBC Genesis boots in May 2019. Fantastic!! I’ve skated in a number of different boots since I started in June 2013 but decided it was time to purchase my first pair of boots. CBC was recommended to me by a fellow skater, Russell Collins, after I’d competed in the Masters International Short Track Games 2019 in April. I had contact with CBC’s Australian representative, Adam Zeliff, who was so good to work with. He was very helpful, incredibly knowledgeable and had the boots to me extremely fast. The boots fit like a pair of gloves, even before heat moulding, so now I skate with no socks, I’m much steadier and can feel the ice beneath my feet. If I could only master the technique, we’d be a great combination! I have been recommending CBC to all my fellow racers who are considering purchasing new boots. Thanks for the fantastic boots you have made. Keep doing great work!"