Disruptive Boot Technology Meets Disruptive Blade Technology

What is Skate-Tec (ST)?

ST is a division of Kushi Sports Netherlands B.V., the maker of EVO, the undisputed highest performing blade line in the world. ST is the progeny of EVO.

Why has ST partnered with CBC?

Like ST, CBC represents the next generation of speed skating technology. No other skating boot on the market offers the fit and performance of a CBC. Marrying the best boot on the market with the newest and best in blade technology just makes sense.

Why the M-Wave?

Short track skating has evolved immensely over the past few years. Athletes are reaching higher speeds and pushing the limits of their equipment on the ice surface. The quest for more stability and safety has led to a call from athletes for higher blade cups in order to minimize boot contact with the ice in the corners.

ST’s line of M-Wave blades answers this call.  

The M-Wave’s signature orange tube is identified by its unique M-cupping system, which offers more stability and control while cornering. The Flex blade also comes with a standardized +5 height milled into the tube. An increase in overall height reduces the risk of “booting out,” which oftentimes results in a fall.   

The M-Wave is available in Firm and Flex models. If you have been successful on the EVO Argon, then you will find yourself most comfortable switching to a M-Wave firm. If you are an EVO Quark user and enjoy the feeling of the softer feedback, then the M-Wave Flex will suit you best. Both models offer cup heights ranging from -3 to +10.  

Proof of Concept

During the 2018/19 skating season, Skate Tec provided the M-Wave blade to a select number of elite skaters for trial. These athletes experienced noticeable performance gains and medal winning victories.  

If you’re ready to experience the preferred blade of the best short track skaters on the planet, then choose to ride the M-Wave.  

Transitioning from the MapleZ Gold

Some skaters have tried to switch from the MapleZ Gold to the EVO blade line. Many were able to do so, but a handful of skaters found the transition to be difficult. At this time, MapleZ Golds are no longer in production. Rest assured, Skate Tec has these skaters covered through the creation of the ST Nagano. This blade features all the same concepts and construction as the MapleZ Gold with a shiny new finish. If skaters require heightened cups, the ST Nagano can deliver.