CBC ShinArmor Speed Skating Shin Guards


SHINARMOR  “Be the Technician”

Introducing the world's first fully custom fit modifiable shin guard specifically designed for short track, mass start and marathon skating. A new twist on an old design, this is the first practical shin protection device that weaves advanced orthopedic materials and body armor into one simple to mold champion tool.

General Information
  • ShinArmor offers significantly more protection than weak, flimsy standard soccer shin guards that fit poorly under the skinsuit.
  • ShinArmor is 100% moldable and can be modified and molded several times over.
  • ShinArmor is designed to be molded directly onto your shin in the comfort of your home in a simple to understand, user friendly process.

Sizing Selection / Specifications

When considering the sizing of your ShinArmor, measure the length of your shin in centimeters. Take into consideration how far your knee pads come down onto your shin as well as how high the tongue of your boot is while in the skating position.

Small = Height @ 21cm

Medium= Height @ 24cm

Large = Height @ 27cm


Molding Instructions


  • ShinArmor is best molded on a hairless shin as the cutout form tends to become somewhat sticky during the molding process.
  • Locate a flat pan or container that accepts the entire dimension of the ShinArmor cutout form. The cutout form must lay flat on the container bottom.
  • Heat tap water to just below boiling temperature. A hot water cooker is ideal for this task.
  • Fill the container with hot water.
  • Submerge only one cutout form into the hot water container, as you will be molding ShinArmor one at a time.
  • Allow ShinArmor to become soft and supple for 20-30 seconds. The cut-out form will be completely drapable when ready to mold.
  • Use a spatula or tong to remove the cutout from the pan.
  • Wait 10 seconds for ShinArmor to slightly cool. During this period, situate yourself into the molding position.


  • Sit upright in a chair next to a table.
  • Set your toes on the edge of the table, allowing your heel to hang unsupported. This will mimic a position similar to skating.
  • Lay the slightly cooled cutout form on your unclothed shin.
  • Use your hand to lightly massage the ShinArmor. Do not pull at the edges of the cutout as you will distort the contour of the ShinArmor.
  • Allow ShinArmor to completely cool before removing from the shin. After your guard is customized and in rigid form, you may run cold water over the form to cool further.
  • Evaluate the fit of your customized ShinArmor product and remold if necessary.